Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pokemon Go Product

New Pokemon Go Themed Product!

We have enjoyed playing Pokemon Go with our little man. It gave me the idea to make a few Pokemon Go themed activities for the classroom. I love being able to motivate students to learn by giving them activities they would want to do. The newest product is one I am really proud of. It is a packet of different coordinate plane activities. It will help students practice many different skills with planes and graphing.

The little man loved these products! It was great math practice for over the summer!

The packet consist of three types of activities and has three as each type (9 sheets total)

Activity One:
The first activity has pokemon characters spread around the coordinate plane and students must write the ordered pair in which the pokemon can be found. This is good practice for students to write ordered pairs.

Activity Two:
The second activity has pokeballs spread across the coordinate plane. Each pokeball has a letter on it. The bottom of the sheet has pokemon with an ordered pair. Students will need to figure out which pokeball corresponds with which pokeball. This would be a great activity to start with because it gives a students a chance to match ordered pairs and points without having to record them.

Activity Three:
The third activity has a blank coordinate plane and pokemon with ordered pairs at the bottom of the page. Students will place the points on the coordinate plane and mark it with the pokemon's letter. This is great practice for being able to plot points from ordered pairs.

Click here to check out this product!
I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! :)