Thursday, July 9, 2015

Currently: July 2015

Wow it's already July! It's crazy how fast this year is flying by!! It's time (well we're a few days late) to link up with Farley again!

I LOVE music. My phone has been constantly playing Amazon Prime Music this summer. I love it because I like so many different genres of music. I also like that I can listen to newer and older songs!

Gotta love kitty snores. We're a little pathetic when it comes to our fur babies. We took them on vacation to the beach with us last week! Now that we're back home, they both are curled up sleeping all day. Bella is a little more independent and will lie wherever until she wants to be petted. Percy, on the other hand, is usually less than a foot away if not in my lap.

This summer is passing quickly, but it's been great so far! We have 4 more weeks to enjoy before school starts (I have meetings and pre-planning before that though). I'm just really trying to enjoy this summer some. I know that when August comes things are going to get crazy busy: school/work, grad school, Lil Man's school stuff, Lil Man's dance classes/practices, TpT/blog, baby planning (maybe? hopefully?), moving (we really want to rent a house and get out of this apartment). So yea enjoying the summer...

Although I'm trying to enjoy the summer, that doesn't mean I'm not crazy busy working on things! I personally enjoy working on TpT products, blog posts, and ideas for the upcoming year. We have a few to do lists to cross things off of...We'll get there.

I really wish we could have joined all the other fabulous teacher-authors & bloggers at the TpT Conference in Vegas. I hope we're able to plan to attend next year, but then again I hope we have a squishy baby by that time too so who knows!

I seriously have bad luck with phones! This is the 3rd phone out of the last 4 that I have dropped and cracked the screen. What's so bad is that while we were on vacation, I dropped it, sending it bouncing across the parking lot, and it was fine. The case was a little dinged, but the phone itself was fine. Well yesterday while updating our dry erase calendar in the kitchen, I bumped it off the counter and it fell straight on the screen. This time the case didn't protect it. It's bad...

Yep that's right! I'm an ALL STAR at desiring to be organized. I always have these great ideas, spend time looking for ways to get organized, and spend time attempting to set up a system...I am just never able to stick with it! My ADHD and organization do not get along at all! I'm trying really hard to work on a system that isn't overwhelming and hoping that I'll be able to stick to it!

Well that's all for me, now it's your turn to hop on over to Farley's Oh Boy 4th Grade to link up with the rest of us!