Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ch-ch-ch-changes, a new product, and a giveaway!

We're working to freshen up our blog! We've already made a few changes and we're hoping to stick to at least one post a week!

It's officially summer break!! But we are working hard this summer! I am going to be doing K-1 Special Ed resource next year.  I'm also planning to go back to school this fall to start working on my Masters!! 

This summer is all about growing professionally and getting ready for next year! 

Summer Plans:
  • Blog posts
    • Lots of ideas floating around! 
  • New products
    • Already finished 1 and have a nice size to-do list! 
  • Read (A LOT) of professional development 
    • Now: Whole Brain Teaching
    • Next: Read With Sarah training materials 
      • This is the guided reading program we use, and I'm not able to attend the training this summer due to a district required workshop. I've used the program and know the basics, but I want to read and grow more proficient in using it. 
    • Then: Any suggestions?!?!
  • Prepare for next year
    • Organize current resources (thinking binders?)
    • Put together my binders (IEP, teacher, and sub)
    • Put together behavior plan, morning work, centers, etc.
  • Prepare for going back to school
    • I don't even know where to begin
    • No explanation needed
What are your summer plans? 


I will be using Saxon Phonics & Spelling next year so I made my kiddos a little book to go along with it. I put the book in alphabetical order, but I plan to use in the order the letter sounds are introduced by Saxon.

^ Click to view on TpT ^


Leave a comment below telling us how you would use this product in your classroom, and we'll pick 2 lucky winners to receive a FREE copy! Don't forget to leave us your email!!

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