Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teacher Feature Tuesday: Lauren Thompson

Are you ready? It's time for the next edition of Teacher Feature Tuesday!

Our featured teacher is:
 Lauren Thompson

Lauren just finished her first year of homeschooling Pre-K. Before this she taught 3rd grade, all subjects, near Dallas, Texas.
Lauren's TpT store opened in August 2012. Check out her TpT store and her blog

Why do you teach?
"Right now I teach my own kids at home because while I love teachers and schools (I was a public school teacher for 3 years) I really see the benefit of being able to teach my kids at their level, at home, and give them valuable life skills and values as well."

Why did you open your TpT store?
"While I was teaching in the public school and now as a homeschool teacher, I often find myself creating my own activities because I have an idea in my head and I can't find it anywhere! When I would share my activities with my colleagues, they were always very appreciative and complementary. So, I decided others around the world could maybe benefit from the things I was making as well!"

How has TpT made a difference in your life personally and/or professionally?
"I really enjoy being a part of the TpT community! Our family travels around a lot, so I am not in a place to really be connected to a community of homeschoolers for very long. TpT can go with me wherever we are in the world, and I can still feel a part of the teaching community."

I wish someone had told me...(share some advice for TpT sellers)
"Just be yourself! At first I would look around at the best sellers and try to figure out how to create a similar product. But as I moved forward I realized my personally best sellers were the things that were creative and unique, not like anyone else's!"

We've taken some time to look around Lauren Thompson's store and she has some super fun looking resources! Head on over and check out what Lauren has to offer!

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