Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Teacher Feature Tuesday: Book Buddies

Our featured teachers are:

 Reba & Susan
Book Buddies
Reba is a retired 2nd and 3rd grade teacher in Charlotte, NC.
Susan is currently a 5th grade Literacy teacher in Charlotte, NC. She has taught for 25 years and got Teacher of the Year 2012. Between the two of them, they share interests in travel (Reba-mountains and Susan-beach), good books, good music, time with friends and family, gardening, using their talents and interests in creative ways. "This might not sound adventurous, but it is the stuff of life!" Reba is from the beautiful mountains of Tennessee and Susan is from the excitement of New York!
Reba & Susan's Book Buddies TpT store opened in November 2012. Check out their TpT store!

Why do you teach?
"For both of us - lifelong love of learning, sharing our knowledge, seeing those eyes light up, and the joy of helping children grow to their potential."

Why did you open your TpT store?
"TpT is such an intriguing concept, and we have always collaborated and created some pretty great stuff (at least we think so!); such as an extension curriculum for gifted and talented kids, novel studies, etc. This is a perfect venue for our enthusiasm, creativity and (possibly obsessive desire to teach, teach, teach in a way that inspires curiosity and excitement)."

How has TpT made a difference in your life personally and/or professionally?
"There is an excitement about every day and what it may bring, in the way of sales certainly, but our heads are always brimming with ideas for the next new product. It is intensely gratifying to know that other teachers think highly of our work and that our products are being used in classrooms around the country -wow!"

I wish someone had told us...(share some advice for TpT sellers)
"The sellers forum is a priceless source of information.  I don't believe it would have been possible to achieve what we have achieved so far without it."

We've taken some time to look around Reba & Lauren's Book Buddies store and they has some super fun looking resources! Head on over and check out what they have to offer!

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