Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Currently

We are linking up with the 'Currently' party for July with Farley. We sat down last night and did our July Currently, but didn't get to post them so here they are...

Here's Steph's:

Here's Manda's:

*We were watching/listening to a highly inappropriate, but hilarious movie last night!
*We are both loving our life! Finally have our own place, Steph has a job in a school for next year, and everything is just good right now.
*Steph is thinking about the busy week we have planned. Manda was just thinking about the fact that she had to be up early for work today.
*We are both wanting a vacation. Now that Steph has been offered this job, we've decided that we can plan a long weekend before school goes back.
*We seriously need to focus on some cleaning and organizing. We still have boxes laying around that need to be unpacked. And a pile of decor stuff in our living room floor.
*Manda's tip...Think of something on the go...Write it down...you will forget it if you don't!~This has happened a few times recently to us. We need to start keeping a notepad in our purses to keep up with our on the go thoughts!
Steph's tip...♥Do it because you love it!♥~Steph feels like this is true with everything! Family, teaching, TpT, blogging...don't become a robot in any aspect of your life. Do what you love and love what you do!