Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a fun day out Saturday...Well we got up early Saturday and hit Old Navy's $1 Flip Flop sale! Then enjoyed some donuts and coffee! Coffee was much needed after that!
 Then we hung out around the mall waiting for our surprise for Lil Man! While he patiently waited he did math on his phone...He wanted to see how many more seconds (one hour) he had to wait...
He started by trying to add 60+60+60+60+60+60...and quickly decided he needed a new approach so we multiplied instead ;-)

Then we headed off for the surprise!
He was so excited to see this movie!! Truth be told..we all were! :)

While we were there he had to take another picture...
He's (we're) so excited to see this movie too! Can't wait until it comes out!

Today we spent the day at home and worked on our project for tomorrow's took us like two and a half hours in all.

So it's time for a new week to start. If you missed any of our posts last week be sure to check them out. Make It Monday we shared Lil Man's bottle cap craft. Teacher Feature Tuesday we introduced Stephanie/The Creative Classroom. Wired Wednesday, I vented about my technology mishaps. Thoughtful Thursday we shared a couple of new products from our store. Fun & Free Friday (posted late) we shared a little bit of the fun we had this week and some great freebies as always.

We're super excited to share tomorrow's post with you because we had so much fun with the project! Also, we are hosting some giveaways this week for friends so be sure to check it out! Time to buckle down for an awesome week! Are you ready?

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