Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday...already? Almost Wednesday here...

Due to some technical complications and lots of craziness we were not able to launch our summer line up yesterday. We have decided that we are going to announce the weekly line up today and hopefully a few interactive posts this week. We want to hear from you! Some of it will simply be questions that we are asking and want your opinion on!

Now let's discuss what to look forward to for the Summer line up...
Being home with Lil Man this summer, we're going to try to focus a great deal on fun and educational activities with him. The majority of our posts this summer will be about things we do with him throughout the summer. We're hoping this will be a great resource for parents, babysitters, camp counselors, etc as well as still great stuff for teachers :)

Make It Monday--We will discuss anything that can be made. We will highlight some of our projects over the summer. Each week you may see foods, arts, crafts, etc. Lil Man is excited to debut next week with our first edition of Make It Monday with his small, quick Tank craft!
Teacher Feature Tuesday--Each Tuesday (June-July) we will feature a new teacher (TpT teacher-author and blogger {blog is not required}). We're hoping to continue this weekly feature after July, depending on how many responses we get so keep them coming! (So far it's looking pretty good!) If you would like to be one of our featured teachers, please complete the form! This will be a fun way to get to know other TpT teacher-authors and bloggers in the cyber world!
Wired Wednesday--We are going to be working on researching various technology (devices, programs, apps, etc) to share with you. We will be doing reviews and/or tutorials for different technology. We will be adding polls to ask for input on what you'd like to see next!
Thoughtful Thursday--Each Thursday we will discuss things that will get the kiddos thinking! Most of the time this weekly post will have a subject (reading, language arts, math, science, social studies) theme.
Fun & Free Friday--We will share something fun we have done with Lil Man. This may include things such as a game, nature walk, or going to the zoo. We will also be sharing some TpT freebies each week! If you would like your freebie to be featured, please fill out the form.
Weekend Wrap-Up--For our weekend posts we will share things that we did throughout the week that didn't make it onto a different themed day, but that we really want to share. We will also review snippets of our weekly posts and look forward on what's to come!

We are so excited about this new schedule!! Are you ready??

~Steph & Manda

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