Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: Skittle Science

We did a little science experiment with Lil Man that we found on Candy Experiments. We all enjoyed it!
It's a really easy experiment to do. All you need is a bowl or cup, water, and Skittles!

We started with just a few Skittles to see what would happen...
The colors at the bottom were really cool! 
All you do is drop the Skittle into the water (gently) letter side up. The color coating will dissolve in the water (we used warm water to help possibly speed up the process). The "S" is printed in an edible ink that doesn't dissolve in the water. If you watch it slides off into the water; then the letter floats to the top. At some points when the color was dissolving it almost looked like the Skittle was spinning. We ended up with a lot of Skittles in our bowl...Can you see the floating S's?
Here's a video (it's actually like 2 or 3 combined):
It's the very beginning and the very end of our experiment. At the end you'll see a green Skittle dissolve and the S float to the top!

Hope you enjoy our little experiment; we sure did!


  1. Cool, that looks like fun! I love those candy experiments I have seen floating all over pinterest. Thanks for the link, I'm going to go check out that site!

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    1. We enjoyed it! There's lots of fun experiments on there we're still wanting to try! Let us know if you try any!