Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: Recycling

Our Thoughtful Thursday posts will vary in topic week to week. We're going to play with both sides of "thoughtful". Some weeks we will be focused on topics that have kids thinking. These posts will include subject themed (math, reading, science, etc) type posts as well as other "get them thinking" topics. Other weeks we will be focused on being thoughtful. These posts will include being kind to others, helping the environment, etc.

For our first edition of Thoughtful Thursday we are talking about a topic that is a little of both: Recycling!

For some time now, we have been recycling drink cans. The entire family (4 households) have been saving cans and we take them to the recycling center with Lil Man. While we do benefit monetarily from this, it's also a great experience for him. He loves watching the different machines they use to move the cans to the scale, weigh them, and then shoot them into the back of a trailer.

Recently, Manda was asked at work if she would like to take off some of the old fixtures they had removed during a store remodel. She loaded up some stuff and we took it off to the recycling center. We've made a trip since then in a truck. All of the stuff was steel, so we got to drive across the scale to weigh, drive around back to unload, and go back across the scale. It was a different experience.

Here's some pictures from our first trip:
We talked about electromagnets!

Do you see the car?

More electromagnet discussion!    

Do you recycle? Have you been to the recycling center? Wouldn't this be a great experience to share with a class of students?!


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