Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teacher Feature Tuesday: The Applicious Teacher

Are you ready? It's time for the next edition of Teacher Feature Tuesday!

Our featured teacher is:

 Leigh Langton
The Applicious Teacher

Leigh is a second grade teacher in DeBary Florida! She also enjoys spending time with her new little boy and running in her "spare time".

Leigh's TpT store The Applicious Teacher opened in September 2012. You can check out her TpT store and her blog

Why do you teach?
"I am blessed enough to have a career I love. I wake up every morning excited to be at school. The smell of crayons and glue remind me that I am making a difference in these kiddos lives!"

Why did you open your TpT store?
"I opened my store after realizing that most of the stuff I created in my classroom other teachers would see and want to use. I wanted to share my ideas and projects with more than just the teachers at my school."

How has TpT made a difference in your life personally and/or professionally?
"TpT has changed the way I teach! It is constantly forcing me to reflect on my activities and pushed me to create better projects for my classroom and ultimately my store.  It also provides an avenue for me to create. I've always enjoyed drawing and sketching. TpT allows me to marry my love for art and school!"

I wish someone had told me...(share some advice for TpT sellers)
"...to have patience! I thought selling on TpT would be so easy and that buyers would fall head over heels for ALL my products. It has taken some time for me to build a (small, but ever growing) following. As long as I keep creating quality products, the sales will come."

We've taken some time to look around The Applicious Teacher store and she has some great resources! Head on over and check out what Leigh has to offer!


  1. Loved reading about Leigh, and I will have to check out her TPT store! Great post!

    Mind Sparks

    1. Thanks :) And I know she'll appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Replies
    1. Glad to have you be a part of it!