Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun & Free Friday

Our fun this week consisted of unpacking more boxes and doing chores. We did go to the pool for a few hours one day. Lil Man was super busy with dance classes this week. I promise, next week we'll have something more fun to share with you ;)

On to what you really came for...the freebies!!

Chris Cadalzo-Making Meaning shared this great freebie with us!
This blank ABC booklet is perfect for so many uses! Come up with a topic for your kiddos to research this summer and they can discover the ABCs of _______. Let the kiddos make a handmade Father's Day gift. Or maybe you're getting a head start on next school year...How about an "ABCs of Me" book for your class to get to know each other! Click the image above to download your copy!

Kamp Kindergarten shared this beachy-fun freebie!
This math center can also be used as independent practice. This is a great resource for Summer practice to keep subtraction fresh on the kiddos minds! Whether it's practice at home, a small group of kiddos, or maybe a summer camp group...this beachy-themed fun math packet is sure to please!  Click the image to download yours!

Tiffany Teaches shared this adorable freebie with us! 
This Summer themed packet is sure to help those kiddos remember homophones! This great practice can be used as a center, with partners or individually! You can even make it a fun-filled game of memory! Click the image to download a copy!

Heart2Teach shared this Summer fun pack freebie!

This Summer themed set is a fun way to build language skills! Kiddos will have fun with themed acrostic, writing prompt, and other fun activities! These are great ways to keep your kiddos refreshed on language skills will having some Summer fun! Click the image to get yours!

Thank you to those who shared these freebies! We hope everyone enjoys them!!

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