Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun & Free Friday (Late Sunday Edition)

So sorry that our Friday post is just now being posted on Sunday! We had a crazy busy Friday and then our internet kept going in and out Friday night and Saturday. No fear though, it is here! Hope you enjoy it even if it is 2 days late! 

This week was busy but still lots of fun! We spent some family time playing video games! (Yes we are video game junkies!)
Lil Man had the most fun this week! He had dance camp for most of the day Tues-Fri. Each day had a dress up theme too!

Friday evening I had to drag Lil Man to a meeting with me for my "other job." At the end of the meeting, I got a new wallet that I'm in love with!

And now onto everyone's favorite part of our Friday post...

Free (click images to download)

Jessica Osborne shared this great freebie with us!
This great freebie will help you get the ball rolling on your back to school plans! These surveys help you get to know your students at the beginning of the year. And then at the middle and end of the year, it gives your students a chance to reflect on how the class is going, what they like/don't like, and what they want to happen.

Aspire to Inspire brought us this next freebie!
Have you ever play Scattergories? We love that game! This game is similar in design. Players are asked to think of a word for different parts of speech that starts with the chosen letter. Can't wait to use this game!

Erin Palleschi shared our next freebie this week!
This fun themed freebie has students collecting data using tally marks and creating a bar graph! So cute! Think we should have Lil Man do this on our next movie night before we can watch the movie!

Diving into Learning shared our last freebie for the week!
This fun game has students determining whether addition facts up to 5 and up to 10 are true or false in order to be the first to the finish line. What a great way to practice addition fact fluency!

Thank you to those who shared these freebies! We hope everyone enjoys them!!

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