Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fill in the Blank!

Let's have a little bit of fun the next couple of days!

Fill in the blank in the following statements...

Goals for Summer 2013

1. I would like to go ______________. 

2. I want to read _____________. 

3. I want to do ______________. 

4. I need to do ______________.

5. I want to learn _____________.


  1. Here's mine:
    1. Zoo Atlanta
    2. professional learning and chick lit
    3. TpT, crafts, and scrapbooking
    4. TpT, tutor, job hunt
    5. how to sew, how to make clip art, and how to make fonts

  2. Goals for Summer 2013

    1. Go hiking.

    2. Anything and everything I downloaded on my new kindle!

    3. Finish the 3 different tpt products I am working on!

    4. Get my PD in order for next year.

    5. How to knit, I started awhile ago, but I want to get back to it!

    Cute idea, thanks Steph!

    Fashion Craze Learning Days

    1. Love it! Thanks for joining in!