Thursday, May 9, 2013

Native American Lessons

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is Friday and I know we are all glad to see the week coming to an end. Here is another Through Time and Space Thursday! This week we are focusing on Social Studies and more specifically focusing on lessons in social studies focusing on Native Americans.
When I student taught in a 4th grade class Native Americans were a huge focus in Social Studies. We spent weeks going over power points about different kinds of Native American tribes and how they were alike and different. We discussed each group in depth with the class and at the end on the unit we did a project. The students were put into groups and given a specific tribe and they had to create a poster that discussed their tribe. Their poster included the things about the tribe we discussed in class. They also presented their posters at the end so that all the students were able to get a review of each tribe. I felt that this did teach the students about Native Americans. I just felt that more could have been done to help students remember more about these tribes.
What have you done with students to teach about Native American tribes?


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