Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gearing Up For Summer!

We are so excited about summer!

Personal life catch-up:
While we shared that we were planning to move this weekend, plans have been altered. The owner decided to sell the house (after we signed the lease) so we are pretty much back at square one. Today, we decided to settle and we filled out an application for an apartment. We find out tomorrow if we are approved. If we get approved we will still be moving this weekend...

Also, this week is filled with dress rehearsals for Lil Man. Then we have company showcase on Friday night, 2 recital shows on Saturday, and 2 recital shows on Sunday!

Rock Stars:
We are getting everything ready to start our new schedule next week. We have our daily themes decided on, but before we share we are off to design our logo for each one. We will share them by Sunday and be ready to launch on Monday! With all the craziness in our personal life this week, we may not be around here as much as we'd like. No fears though, we still love you and we'll check in (you can email us if you miss us **wink wink**)

As part of our new schedule, we will have a weekly featured teacher. Each week we will feature a different fellow TpT teacher-authors. If you would like to be one of our featured teachers, please fill out the form.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday.

~Steph & Manda

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