Thursday, April 11, 2013

Social Studies Review Game

Hey everyone it is time for Through Time and Space Thursday! This week we are focusing on Social Studies. I wanted to talk about an activity that is a fun way to review and gets the students out of their seats. This activity may seem a little crazy but my students loved it and it really helped me see what social studies things they remembered and what they did not.
My supervising teacher and I called this a Social Studies Snow Ball Fight. The first thing we did was put the students into pairs and give then a social studies term. It was a range of people, battles, and key terms. The students had to use two scrap pieces of paper. One sheet had the term on it and the other had a definition or explanation of that term. Once all pairs were finished these pieces were taken up and then passed out to random students. This way each student had a piece of a pair and then the students were split in half and put on opposite sides of the room. The students were then ready for the snow ball fight. They got to ball up their paper and throw it at the other “team”. Each person only got to throw their “ball” once and then they were to pick up a “snow ball” and their job was to find the other person that had the snow ball that matched theirs. Students were helping each other find their match and we played several rounds so that I was able to see what terms gave students the most trouble. It was a fun activity and the students enjoyed it so much I don’t even think they knew they were reviewing. I think it is a great way to review a wide range of topics and keep the students involved. 
What kind of crazy review games have you tried? 


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