Monday, April 8, 2013

Probability Possibilities

Hey guys! We are both sorry for not posting last week but it was spring break here and it was a crazy week. Did anyone else have an insane spring "break"? We will be back this week so keep a look out for our daily post. To kick of the new week here is the new Maniac Math Monday!
Steph talked about her behavior system with Skittles recently and it has got me thinking about one of my favorite activities to do with Skittles. I have used Skittles when introducing and discussing Probability. Probability can be an abstract concept for students and it helps to have a hands on activity to discuss. In this activity each student would be given a certain amount of skittles (fun size bags work perfect for this) and they would sort them by color. As a class we would discuss how to calculate the probability of getting certain colors in a bag of skittles. I would have each student find the probability based on what they were given. Then as a class we would discuss it and find the probable percentages based on the class totals. It is fun to see what colors occurred the most and compare individual results to the classroom results. Students love this activity especially the part where they eat the skittles at the end! ;)

What activities have you done for Probability? What activities have you done with candy?


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