Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Podcast pt.5 Glogster

Hey everyone it is time for Tech Wiz Wednesday and that means it is also time for Part 5 of our Podcast series. This week we are both going to talk about Glogster.

What Steph has to say:

I talked about Glogster in my podcast…if you haven’t ever used it you should really check it out! I LOVE it! I mentioned that I would use it as a different medium for my students to present work. I also love the idea of using for a information source for my students or as a WebQuest, an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all the information that learners work with comes from the web. Here’s a look at a couple of Glogs that I created for some of my college classes (some of the links/info may be broken or outdated).

Social Studies: Juan Ponce de Leon
This was more designed with teachers in mind. It was a resource of a variety of information on the topic.

Science: Sound
This was a WebQuest for 4th grade students. Includes: essential question, vocabulary, discussion/notes (powerpoint), video, and short review quiz

What Manda has to say:
In my podcast I focused on how Glogster could be used as a virtual science fair. It is hard for some students to be able to make a science fair project and even harder for teachers to plan a science fair. With Glogster your students can research a topic and make a Glogster with their research. They can have links to informative websites, pictures, or even videos. Then the students could present their Glogsters for a virtual Science Fair. It is a great way for students to explore science topics as well as work with technology.
Have you ever used Glogster in your classroom? Would you use Glogster for a virtual science fair? What types of things have you used Glogster for?

Here is a Glogster page that I did for a college course that would be an example of a virtual science project.  Light Project

It could also be used for a Social Studies project. Give each of your students an important person to research and have them create a glogster about them. Here is a Glogster I made about Elizabeth Stanton.


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