Friday, April 19, 2013


Hey everyone! This week has been so crazy I am so glad it is Friday...that being said here is the post that should have been up yesterday. Sorry it is late!
This week we are focusing on Science and I wanted to share another fun activity that I've done in this subject.
I love teaching Science! It is so much fun to watch students as they explore so many abstract concepts. In science we study planets and the solar system. How do you teach students about something that they can't actually see or experience? One activity that I have done with students really helped students understand how far apart the planets are for each other. In this activity we used register tape and some planet pictures to place the planets in order. We also used a chart with the measurements of the planets and their distance from the sun. Students had to convert the distances on the chart to millimeters and such so that they would fit onto their register paper. My students could observe what planets were closer together and which ones had lots of space between them. It also helped my students remember the name of the planets. I think this activity really helps give the students a visual for Planets.
What types of lessons do you have for covering planets?



  1. Sounds like a great way to show planet distance! I just found your blog through TpT, I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

    1. So glad you found us! We had such a blast studying planets!