Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homework Debate

So here goes...we'd love to hear your opinion on the topic of homework. That's what we've decided to to discuss this week. Let's look at both sides...

All of these points are arguments we've heard, but not necessarily do we agree with them all. 

Giving Homework
-Students need to practice what they've learned at school.
-Meaningful practice will make a stronger student. 
-Spelling/vocabulary practice has to be done at home.
-Unfinished classwork needs to be completed at home. 
-Projects and papers cannot always be completed during class. 
-Middle & High school students will always have homework so they need to learn the habit in elementary school. 

No Homework
-If they can't do it at school what's the point in sending it home.
-Most parents don't help complete homework, don't know how, or won't because they're too busy.
-Teachers shouldn't be given the right to dictate how a family/student spends their evening at home.
-How do you know if the student did the work instead of someone else at home?
-They spend 7-8 hours at school; kids should be able to have play/free/family time at home. 


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