Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Field Trips!

Do you still get to take your students on field trips? I know so many schools and districts have stopped approving field trips for one reason or another; so we're curious who still gets to take them.

At SCE, most grade levels are taking one this year. Kindergarten took an all day one, first grade took a short one and is getting ready to go on an all day one this week, third grade will be going on an all day one at the end of the month, and fifth grade will be headed on their "senior" trip to Washington DC at the beginning of May! The district requires that teachers write up a form for approval and submit evidence of how it ties to the curriculum and how it will be tied back into the instruction upon return to school. For instance, first grade will be going to the Atlanta Zoo this week. This will be part of the conclusion to their unit on animals. What better way to finish off this unit?

What's the most educational field trip you've taken a group on?



  1. We still go on several trips. We went to the water treatment plant, recycling center, a local Revolutionary War fort, and finally the big one to Philadelphia for the whole day!

    Our PTO often funds our trips.

    Sweet Rhyme – Pure Reason

    1. That's awesome and so exciting to have that opportunity! I hope to be able to have lots of educational trips with my kiddos someday!

  2. We barely get to go on field trips. We have to charge an arm and a leg to go. My school is about an hour north of Chicago. We try to go there some as we have many students who have never seen the city, but we only get to spend about 2 hours at the place when we go. We went to the Science and Industry museum last year. I enjoyed it, but we didn't get to see everything. We spent more time on the bus (to and from) then at the actual museum. Oh well. It was a great experience for them all.

    I love your page!

    Bouncing through 3rd grade

    1. Some of the trips our school goes on are more local, but some are an hour or so away (Atlanta) as well. I know that so many of the first grade students were so excited to go to the Atlanta Zoo today because they had never been! It's great being able to give them these opportunities, even if they are few and far between!