Friday, March 15, 2013

Writing Topics

Time for another Friend or Foe Friday. At this point in the year most teachers and students are probably feeling sick about writing another essay. We have had students write paper after paper on topic after topic. Anyone running out of good ideas for topics?

Teachers always have a few writing topics that they use year after year. Those writing topics that all your students enjoy writing about. This week I want to focus on those kind of topics. This way we can help turn those end of the year writing topics into your friend and not your foe.

I want to talk about my favorite writing topic from student teaching. We used this topic when introducing persuasive writing. In this paper students have to persuade a monster not to eat them. This topic really brought out the creativity in my students and they enjoyed writing it.
We introduced this topic with a fake news cast about a people eating monster on the loose and even showed a picture of a monster to the students. We then told the students that they were to pretend the monster came to our school and caught them. They would then write a paper about what they would say to the monster to persuasive them to not eat them. My students wrote about things like being to skinny or having a illness. I even had students trying to persuade the monster to eat the rest of the class instead. It was a fun topic that all my students loved sharing. My supervising teacher even baked a monster shaped cake at the end of the week and the students got to eat the monster instead of it eating them. It was so much fun and the students loved it.

Your turn! Tell me about some of your favorite writing topics


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