Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's with the Weather?

With all the crazy weather we've been having it seems a very fitting science topic to discuss this week. Here in Georgia lately it's been rainy one day, warm and sunny the next, and snowing (doesn't stick) the next.

Tie it all in...

Have your students keep a weather calendar for at least 2 weeks. They can do this individually or together as a group. Once they've collected the data, tie in math by graphing the information gathered. Depending on the grade level, you can extend even more on that by finding the mean, median, and mode. With the younger grades it's a good way to practice reading the information from the graph. Another thing I've done with younger ones is an online game What's the Weather? that practices reading thermometers. The student reads the temperature and decides what the fussy bear should wear to go outside. This game can help with the "but I don't want to wear my jacket to's hot" battle that we face as teachers. Tell your students what the temperature is and ask them what 'fussy bear' would wear to go out.

What do you do with weather in your classroom?

Have you been having crazy weather like us?



  1. HI! I found you on the Blog by States linky! I am a follower and am happy to find another Georgia blogger. I live in the North Georgia mountains and the weather has been crazy here too!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

    1. Love your blog, we're following you as well! So glad to have "meet" a fellow Georgia blogger!