Tuesday, March 26, 2013

School Support Staff

Not sure how all of you feel about your school's support staff, but I love the staff at SCE (where I sub). The custodians and lunch room staff are great! And if you've never been told this before, these are definitely people you want to get in nice with! If you're in good with these staff members, you can get anything.

Well we just found out that the custodians in our county may lose their jobs this year. Part of the budget cut for the county is to cut these jobs and bring in a third party company to clean these schools. I know that a few surrounding districts have done this and it works well in means of the budget, but what about the people?

Maybe it puts more money in the schools, but doesn't it take money out of the community? These people (mostly elderly) are being put out of jobs...

Does your school/district still have employees for these support staff positions or a third party company?


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