Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Routines and Procedures

Happy Tuesday friends! Let's talk...

Are your littles still following the daily routines and procedures? Do you believe it's important to have routines and procedures at all grade levels?

I know this time of year it can start getting wonky (Is that a word?) when it comes to students following procedures and behavior management. There's just so much going on. I've subbed in one class regularly that just doesn't seem to have procedures/routines. It's a first grade class, and they are a very diverse little group. I love them to death, but sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out! They come in and act like they have no idea what to do. They are the same way much throughout the day with different daily routines (exploratory, lunch, recess, etc). The first couple of times I subbed for this class, I thought it was just because I was a sub and they wanted to test me. However, I have subbed as the Special Ed teacher that goes in that class, and they behave the same way with their teacher in the room! I just don't get it!

How do you feel about routines and procedures? Have you found something that works year after year? Or do you find yourself changing things up part way through the year?



  1. I'm a HUGE believer in procedures, structure, prep and planning. Pair all of those with high expectations and getting to know your kiddos on a personal level and I think that's the key.

    I use a few things in my room pretty generically, like "Give me five" and "Claaasss?...Yeeess?" type things. But over the years I've done different things and I think that the key is just letting kids know that you expect them to behave a certain way and that there are natural consequences for not doing so.

    Couldn't line up quietly? I guess we have to sit down and try again! 2 minutes of recess just disappeared because of it.

    Drew on your desk? You get to spend your time cleaning it now. Not my time, not the custodian's time, your time.

    Anyway! I'm your newest follower!

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    1. Love it! We both totally agree with your views! Procedures, routines, high expectations, and relationships are key in the classroom! Thanks for following us! Can't wait to check out your page!