Thursday, March 21, 2013

Podcast pt.3: Digital/Video Cameras & Computers

Here's our Thursday edition of Tech Wiz Wednesday. Sorry it's a day late, life caught up with us. Trying to transition back into routine has proved to make for a tough routine! 

Our Tech Wiz Wednesday this week is part 3 of our Podcast series. This week we're going to focus digital and video cameras and computers. If you missed the first week's post head on over to read about (and hear) our Podcasts.

What Steph has to say...
Cameras have so many great uses in the classroom. Students can use digital cameras to collect data, evidence, and material for research projects. Teachers can use digital cameras to document student progress. Of course it's always fun to have lots of pictures of your kiddos too! Video cameras are great for filming skits, commercials, and other presentations. This is another great medium for student presentations.

What Manda has to say...
On my podcast I start off by talking about Computers and their importance in a classroom. As teachers we all know how beneficial computers can be. They are a great way to get students exploring their own questions and I want students to be able to tell their classmates about what they find. It is important to have computers for students in a classroom. Computers have become such a part of everyday life I think it is important for students to have access to them at school. Teachers can use computers in so many ways. Whether students are researching, typing, or even taking assessments the computers are a great technology to have in a classroom. What is your favorite things to use computers for in your classroom?

Thanks for bearing with us!

 ~Steph & Manda 

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