Thursday, March 28, 2013

Picture Walk Drawings

Hey guys! It sure has been a crazy week around here for us but its time for Through Time and Space Thursday! This week we are focusing on Social Studies.
I have been thinking about some of my favorite activities I have done for social studies lessons. One that has stood out for me is an activity that can be used for most history topics in social studies. I enjoy doing a picture walk with students. This is where I use chart paper and markers and draw pictures as I give facts as if I am telling a story. It is a great way to introduce a certain event. I used it last year while student teaching. I discussed the beginning of WWII and how the US became involved in the war. I "told the story" about the Axis and Allied Powers and ended with Pearl Harbor and the US entering the war. The students enjoyed listening because I was drawing pictures to illustrate what I was discussing I also wrote little facts on my paper as well. My paper remained on the wall as we explored the events in more detail. The students often referred to what we talked about during the picture walk. I enjoyed doing this activity with them and I think it could be used to cover most events in history.

Has anyone done an activity similar to this? What are some ways that you enjoy teaching social studies/history?


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