Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Classroom Behavior

Today I implemented a new behavior system with my EIP kiddos. I honestly don't have a clue what kind of behavior management system the teacher used herself. I know that a few of the kiddos have clipboards that they get checked off at different parts of their day to earn a given incentive, all of which is part of their IEP. Well, I've realized in the last week that several of the kids have asked if they can have candy when they leave. So I thought I'd use candy to help reward positive behavior as well as punish negative behavior. I'm only doing this with three of my groups (a group of four 2nd graders, a group of six 2nd graders, and and group of six 3rd graders).

Here's how the plan works:
Please don't think that I'm an awful person for the bathroom thing. The reason behind it is that I only have each given group for 30-45 minutes. Several of them make a habit of going to the bathroom during their time with me. Since this is a time they are suppose to be getting extra help, I feel that is is very important that they actually be in the room for instruction. My afternoon groups are coming back from recess when they come to me, and I have asked that they be given a chance to stop by the restroom on the way in before heading to me.

Here's the rules I expect them to follow (very typical):
Here's what my sheet looks like that I keep up with their Skittles on:

The first day went well and everyone kept all of their Skittles today. I'm very excited to see how it continues to progress as time goes on.

What does your behavior system look like?


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