Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Being the Room Mom

Our son's school is really big on parent volunteers. Steph is the room mom for Joey's 1st grade class. We are curious about other's perspectives.

Are you a parent volunteer?
Are you a room mom or dad or grandma or...?
Are you a teacher with parent volunteers? 

 As a parent volunteer do you feel overwhelmed at times or do you feel like you're in the way? Do you ever feel like maybe your overstepping or getting close to?

Teachers, we all love help in the classroom. But...do you ever just want to look at your parent volunteer and say "just stop"?  

The reason we ask is because as certified educators we sometimes forget the boundaries that may be present for us as parent volunteers. This time last year we were in charge of developing and implementing things in a classroom for a grade, but now we're getting a taste of being in the classroom again and love it! We just don't want to be overstepping when it comes to helping out. We want to help and not become a problem and just more work. 

Steph has become the "AR Queen" for the 1st grade Pandas class at SCE. In doing so we've come up with lots of ideas to help the students (and the teacher) with AR (accelerated reader). We're keeping an AR Folder Log. And we're working on other tools to use for monitoring. 

We feel like the teacher treats us differently than she would just any parent volunteer because we are certified educators.

So what do you think? Where is the line?

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